Our Belt System

White Belt

Ready Stance

Punches 1-4

Front and Round Kick

Roof, Outside, Inside, and X Blocks

Step up, back, left, and right

Double Headed Snake

Check for Rain

Against a Punch

Lohan Asks the Way Form

Yellow Belt

Punches 5-6

Side Kick 

Switch Kick

Round Elbows

Slip, Duck, Parry, and Weave


Prayer Hands

Scorpion Sting

Left Pivot Form

 Right Pivot Form

Orange Belt

Punch 7

Spinning Side Kick

Back Kick

Spinning Back Kick 

10-Step Wushu Form 

Pass the Arm

Climbing Snake

Double Check for Rain

Wrist Lock Against a Choke

H-1 Form

Green Belt

Punch 8-9

Crescent Kicks

Spinning Crescent Kicks

Up and Down Elbows

20-Step Wushu Form

H-2 Form

Kali Stick Form 1

Oriental Lever

Chopping the Log

Salutation Lock

Check for Rain in the Front

Rising Sun

Rooster's Crown

Blue Belt

Punch 10

Hook Kicks

Spinning Hook Kicks

Skipping Knees

Long Knee

Closed Fist Techniques

Tiger's Jaw

Leopard's Tail

Hair Grab

Crashing Elbows

Head Smashing

Mantis Wushu Form

H-3 Form

Purple Belt

Open Hand Techniques

Snake Kick

Ax Kick

Circle Knee 

Round Knee

Shrinking Throw

Flashing Daggers

Dancing Rooster

Lion Form

Nanquan Tiger Form

Red Belt

Drop Knee

Bamboo Slicing Palm

Irritated Tiger

Snake Head

Dragon Horn

Twisting Horse

Burning Side

Rolling Leopard

Shooting Star

Taizu Form

Swift Like Deer Form

Bo 1

Brown Belt

Spinning Elbow

Shave Elbow

Jab Elbow

Drop Elbow

Tsuki No Kokoro

Five Animal Form

Black Belt

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