September Newsletter


Grant me the wisdom of those past, so I might stand for what I know is right. With the power and knowledge granted from my mind and body, I have the ability to defend myself and others. I have the wisdom to know when now to abuse my skills. With my mind and body, I step on the endless path of perfection and seek not to be a follower, but a leader of men.


Abigail Kimball                                                      September 14

       Madison Surrett                                                     September 20

Student of the Month: Shia Stone

Shia Stone always works hard and does his best in class. In August, he tested for his yellow belt and did very well. He is always dedicated in class, and he and his brother, Leo, attend as many classes as they can. Both the boys are a great example in class, and we cannot wait to see Shia grow. Way to go, Shia!!

Belt Promotions of August

Congratulations to the following students for all your hard work and achievements. We cannot wait to see you progress further! 

  • Miss Sloan - Instructor Purple Belt
  • Mr. Sloan - Instructor Purple Belt
  • Mr. Bridges - Instructor Blue Belt
  • Skylar Poore - Adult Green Belt
  • Shia Stone - Yellow Belt


We are officially open during the month of September. We will maintain the temporary schedule and guidelines during this difficult time. We have decided to reopen the waiting area for any parents who need to sit in on classes. We do ask that you be respectful during class, and if it is not necessary for you to come inside, then in order to stay as safe as possible, we ask that you wait in your car. We will continue to social distance during this time. 

We have begun to sell gatorade and water again. Our waters are only $0.50, and our gatorades are $1.00. We will keep these in stock, and our gatorade flavors will change as we replenish our resources. If you have any suggested flavors, let me know! If you want to purchase a water or gatorade, come see Renshi, Sempai, or another instructor before or after class. 

I would also like to remind everyone of our weapons class on Monday from 5:00-6:00 for yellow belt and above. This is a completely different ranking system, so if you attend this class, you will receive a white sash and begin in this new curriculum. This is very exciting, and we hope for this class to grow through time. Please feel free to stop by and join us. 

We are also having a Superhero September Ninja Night on the last Friday of the month, September 25. Ninja Night will be from 6:00-9:30 PM. We are only having a max of 20 students, so make sure you email us to reserve your spot. Feel free to bring a friend! If you have any questions about Ninja Night, let me know!

We have opened a new website, which is exciting for us. We have a lot of planned changes throughout September that I will keep you updated on. If you have any questions or concerns at this time, feel free to email or call. Again, our number has changed to (704)775-4216. Thanks! 

  • Renshi Michael Bunton