October Newsletter


Grant me the wisdom of those past, so I might stand for what I know is right. With the power and knowledge granted from my mind and my body, I have the ability to defend myself and others. I have the wisdom to know when not to abuse my skills. With my mind and my body, I step on the endless path of perfection and seek not to be a follower but a leader of men. 


James Donnelly - October 7

Student of the Month: Paisley McNeely

Paisley always is focused in class and works hard. She does her best in each and every activity that the class does. Though she just began recently, she has still accomplished a lot and learned much in her time here. Way to go, Paisley! Keep up the good work!

Belt Promotions of September

  • Mr. Hesson - Instructor Purple Belt
  • Leo Stone - Orange Belt


We are excited for schools to be opening up full time officially. We hope that you are able to stay safe and healthy while still attending school. With that being said, we have no other choice but to readjust our schedule to give enough time for students to arrive from school. The correct schedule is posted on the website under "Schedule." Let me know if you have concerns about the change in the schedule. 

The school will be closed on Monday, October 12 in respect of Columbus Day. 

Our Ninja Night this month will be a Halloween theme. Students should wear their Halloween costumes to be able to show off to the other students. This month, Ninja Night is on Friday, October 23 from 6:00-9:30 PM. We only have twenty spots available, so if you are interested please contact me or sign up on the sign up sheet in the waiting area. 

  • Renshi Michael Bunton