November Newsletter


Grant me the wisdom of those past, so I might stand for what I know is right. With the power and knowledge granted from my mind and my body, I have the ability to defend myself and others. I have the wisdom to know when not to abuse my skills. With my mind and my body, I step on the endless path of perfection and seek not to be a follower but a leader of men.


Kingstin Rivera - November 8

Archer Sain - November 10

James Sloan - November 11

Mr. Hesson - November 14

Mr. Trivette - November 25

Kortney Weber - November 29

Kenneth Ashe-Duenas - November 29

Evie Gaither - November 29

Belt Promotions of October

  • Kortney Weber - Yellow Belt
  • Kolby Weber - Yellow Belt


We are starting a new month! October went by so quickly. With that being said, there are a few announcements for November. The school will be closed Wednesday, November 11 in honor of Veterans Day. The school will also be closed the week of Thanksgiving, November 23 through November 27. 

This month's Ninja Night is on November 20. The theme this month is Nerf November, so kids will be able to bring their nerf guns and play nerf related games. This is always such an exciting Ninja Night, so be able to sign up early to secure your spot. Email me to sign up or sign up with the sign up sheet in the waiting area. 

- Renshi Michael Bunton