June Newsletter


Grant me the wisdom of those past, so I might stand for what I know is right. With the power and knowledge granted from my mind and my body, I have the ability to defend myself and others. I have the wisdom to know when not to abuse my skills. With my mind and my body, I step on the endless path of perfection and seek not to be a follower but a leader of men.

June Announcements

Happy (almost) summer everyone! We hope that everyone is having a happy and healthy month so far. We have a few things to mention:

  • June 22, 23, and 24th is Dojo Dads week! We welcome dads/guardians to any and all classes next week. We want you to know how much we appreciate you!
  • June 25: Nerf War Ninja Night!! We are changing ninja night time to 6-9pm, and this time we will be having Nerf Wars! We have some new rules for Ninja Night so please read carefully:
  • Students must SIGN UP. You can either sign up in the waiting area or shoot me an email. We've been having too many kids show up at the last minute who weren't signed up to come. No more than 25 ninjas can attend so sign-ups are first come, first serve. Anyone not signed up will not be able to attend Ninja Night. If you sign up, but then cannot make it, please let us know.
  • Students can only invite ONE FRIEND. That friend must also sign up ahead of time.
  • All students and their friends must be respectful of everyone at this school, including helpers and other students. If they are not, they will no longer be allowed to attend ninja night.
  • As always, we offer private lessons with Renshi. Each private lesson is $50/hour and each hour is broken up into two 30 minute sessions. Essentially, you will have two 30 minute lessons on two different days. Contact us for more details!

  • We have a new office manager at the school! That's me, Chris Weber! I will be handling all office details which include: registration and tuition, gear orders, email and phone correspondence, and others. I also hope to begin taking classes here at the school in the near future. I appreciate your patience as I learn who everyone is and please feel free to introduce yourself at any time!

  • We are starting a new check-in process so that we can keep track of everyone coming in and out of the school, so please ensure students are checking in with me when they come in each day. I plan to sit in the waiting area with my computer so they can find me easily.

Have a great summer everyone!