January Newsletter


Grant me the wisdom of those past, so I might stand for what I know is right. With the power and knowledge granted from my mind and my body, I have the ability to defend myself and others. I have the wisdom to know when not to abuse my skills. With my mind and my body, I step on the endless path of perfection and seek not to be a follower but a leader of men.  

January Birthdays

Belt Promotions of November and December

Grace McElroy - January 3

Paisley McNeely - January 27

  • Caleb Polly - Yellow Belt
  • Abigail Kimball - Yellow Belt
  • Paisley McNeely - Yellow Belt
  • Shia Stone - Orange Belt

Student of the Month: Kenneth Ashe-Duenas

Congratulations to Kenneth! Kenneth works hard throughout class and has done a lot of work to progress through his white belt. Kenneth is always respectful, patient, and listening. He has all the qualities we look for in a student of the month! Keep up the good work, Kenneth!

Words from an Instructor

The most valuable lesson I have learned at Phoenix Martial Arts Academy was when I was younger. I learned that if you do not stand up for yourself, the world will take advantage of you and your skill. If you are tough enough though, you will make your own path. This is why I love martial arts. 

- Miss Sloan 


We are officially starting a new year, and we are excited for what the year may bring. We have a few announcements as we start the new year. I first want to say thank you all, both to are new students and continued students. We would not have been able to remain open throughout 2020 if you had not continued with us or joined our school. We are very thankful for each of our students. 

We are eliminating our Monday classes because we have had no preschoolers to attend since the shut down. With that being said, our weapons class will be pushed to Wednesday from 4-5. I want to remind everyone that this class is open to anyone yellow belt or above of all ages. Everyone is welcome. If you are interested in this class or have any questions, please let me know.   

Our Ninja Night this month is on Friday, January 29. Ninja Night will start at 6:00 PM, and pickup will be at 9:30 PM. Feel free to bring a friend or sibling. You can email Phoenix Martial Arts to sign up or you can sign up on the sheet in the waiting area. 

We also have a new exciting opportunity for 2021. We will be having February Demonstration Team tryouts. These tryouts will occur each week during February throughout our demo team time slot, which is Wednesday from 5:00-6:00. Tryouts will begin the first Wednesday of February, and each students trying out will be required to attend each class. We do only allow orange belts or higher for our demo team, but any age is welcome. Please email me if you are interested, or let me or Sempai know during class. These are very difficult tryouts as we want only the best of the best on our demo team. Come prepared to work hard and make sure you know all your material.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!

  • Renshi Michael Bunton