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Adult Class (13 + )

Belt requirements and fitness training are much more demanding in our adult class!  All our adult classes begin with a conditioning workout. As with our others classes, we theme our weeks in 4 categories. The first category is our Techniques, where students learn punching, kicking, elbows and knees and practice hitting padded targets to increase focus and dexterity.  Self-Defense/Self Protection is where we go over different situations involving grabs, chokes, punching, kicking and even attacks from weapons. Each belt is required to demonstrate both pre-arranged attacks and spontaneous attacks in class. The next category is our Traditional Forms instruction.  These pre-arranged sequence of movements come from Karate and Kung Fu. Learning these patterns increase focus, dexterity, and economy of motion with in the body. In the Adult class we take a closer look at these forms and explore ways to use these traditional patterns in modern day self protection and combat.  The last category in the adult class is sparring. While wearing protective gear, students punch, kick and grapple each other not only increasing skill but also learning confidence and survivability by experiencing pressures of being in a combat situation.