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“To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.”
~ Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

More and more martial arts schools now seem to cater and market their schools mostly to children.  Parents, with good reason, tend to put their children first and provide the experiences for them that they sadly are putting off doing for themselves.  But, you’ve been thinking about learning more about martial arts.  Possibly you have a friend who takes Kung Fu, Karate or one of the many martial arts available.  Maybe you are wanting to try something new instead of the same old gym routine or you may be interested in one of the many other benefits of martial arts.

There are some people who have a passion for martial arts and know without question it is what they chose to do, but you may involved in many other things such as college, work, raising children and you have to weigh your options carefully.  Your money is mostly budgeted, your energy seems more limited and your time is precious so doing something new has to be justified.  The benefits must exceed the costs.

Some of the many benefits of martial arts training are:

  • Self Defense & Combat Skills

  • Strength, Balance, Agility & Coordination

  • Physical Fitness

  • Social Interaction

  • Self-Confidence

  • Meditation

  • Pain Reduction or Elimination

  • Having a great time!


Discover how your child can improve their focus, concentration, self-esteem, peer relationships, and academics by learning to kick, block and punch.

Wouldn’t you like your child to develop the above mentioned character traits?  At Phoenix Martial Arts our children’s classes focus on building these plus improving their physical fitness, developing important life skills, teaching effective self defense, dealing with behavior issues and providing a safe and secure environment for them to learn.

For over 16 years our head instructor Michael Bunton has been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in the martial arts.  No other sport can match these character building tools plus no other sport allows children and parents to participate together working towards common goals as a family from earning their next belt level together to reviewing skills they learned in class.

Childhood obesity rates are on the rise, and more and more children are spending a lot more time playing video games, sitting in front of the television or playing on the computer.  Martial arts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels. Even if your child is already athletic and active they can still find martial arts as a good source of exercise that teaches important skills.

Not only does martial arts help keep children in good physical health but it also helps improve their mental health.  Studies have proven that martial arts classes can help improve skills such as discipline, self control, patience, confidence, courage etc. The idea with these classes and this motivation is to reinforce what is already being taught at home. Martial arts classes can be a valuable tool for helping to really drive home the points you make at home in a very real way.

One of the main skills we focus on at Phoenix Martial Arts is self-defense.  With bullying being more and more of an issue in schools these days it’s becoming even more important for children to have the confidence to avoid the confrontations they may encounter.  The focus of our martial arts class, while still teaching self defense movements is on conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. In that respect, attending our classes would benefit both the bully by teaching to respect others as well as your own power, and the bullied, by teaching how to calm a situation or defend oneself if need be.

Many parents come to Phoenix Martial Arts looking to improve their child’s attention span, respect, demeanor and self control. It’s important for us to build trusting relationships with our students by using good communication skills, being firm but friendly and most of all by being consistent so they really get the most out of their classes.  If taught correctly martial arts can be a good tool for developing healthy, valuable life skills.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and give your family a Free Introductory Tour of our facilities and give your child Two Free Introductory Classes. During the tour we will explain all of the features and benefits of our program, show you our facilities, and answer any questions you might have about our program.

To apply for our Two Free Introductory Classes please fill out the Free Trial Program application on our website.

Don’t forget to ask us about our family discount program when you fill out the Free Trial Program application and learn how you can save money on enrolling more than one child in our classes.

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Learning to cultivate a peaceful mind, body & spirit through martial arts

Our goals differ for every individual; however, I don’t know many adults who could not benefit from having more clarity or control over their cloudy and unfocused minds.  Martial arts is not some mystical force to enlightenment or a form of religion, but when you study the forms taught in martial arts or practice Qigong exercises it will begin to cultivate total mind, body & spirit.   

You may begin to realize you have a better sense of self-confidence.  Your mind needs exercise just like the rest of your body does and physcial confidence leads to mental confidence.  Martial arts helps to keep your mind focused whether you are learning new forms or staying sharp while sparring in class.

Not only will you start to notice changes in your mood and spirit but you’ll also begin to see the other benefits as well.  You may wake up and take note that all your clothes are fitting better or you are not feeling the pain from your old shoulder injury as much as you did in the past.  You’ll start to realize your reaction time is getting sharper or you have better agility and coordination when playing with your children.

One of the biggest benefits of martial arts training to most of us is self defense.  In 2006 there were 2,417 crimes committed in Statesville including rape, aggravated assault, murder and property crimes. On most of these Statesville’s crime level was worse than the national average. * With the self defense classes and seminars we teach at Phoenix Martial Arts, women, children and men will learn how to watch for signs of danger and develop the necessar tools to help them out of a dangerous situation should it occur. 

Having fun seems like the last thing on your list when you are considering trying martial arts, but once you begin you will be surprised to find yourself looking forward to coming to class rather than finding it a hassle or a chore.  Lets face it, that’s why most of us never stick to a workout regimen, because we get so bored doing the same thing over and over again and usually doing it alone.  Coming to class at Phoenix Martial Arts you’ll begin developing new friendships, enjoying your time devoted to yourself and discovering the feeling of accomplishment once you leave.

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Tai Chi (all ages)

At Phoenix Martial Arts we teach two main styles of Tai Chi and various kinds of Chi Gung .  E-Mei Water Tai Chi (No actual water involved) and Chen Tai Chi. We teach Tai Chi in a few different ways, Endurance training (learning and practicing different stances and movements that make Tai Chi movements more effective), Form (a pre-arranged sequence of movement teaching the ideas and expressions of Tai Chi), and Application (hands on ideas on how to use Tai Chi concepts for self defense).  Once a student has practiced the basics we will introduce them to different weapons like the Broad Sword, and Spear.


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