Benefits of Tai Chi

I’m sure most of you have heard of Tai Chi and some of its benefits.  You may have seen people practicing in the park with slow, meticulous and precise movements that look very pretty and polished.  We usually have an idea of what Tai Chi is but you may not realize how many advantages it offers or who may benefit from those.

Some  of the proven benefits of Tai Chi are better control of your muscles and movement.  This leads to improved balance and can help to lessen falls.

Tai Chi also increases flexibility of your muscles.  Some exercises can be too hard on our bodies and can create more pain instead of alleviating it.  Since Tai Chi is practiced slowly and is low-impact you don’t overexert and you will see your muscles beginning to loosen up leading to greater flexibility.

Tai Chi has shown to reduce pain and decrease symptoms of depression.  The better oiled a machine is, the better it moves.  Our bodies are machines and if we neglect them they begin to slow down and eventually break.  You should be involved in some type of movement in order to keep your body well oiled and running smoothly.  Tai Chi can help achieve this goal since the movements are gentle and slow.

Tai Chi is good for all ages and abilities and has been proven to increase energy, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.  Other studies have shown Tai Chi can help with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, depression, substance abuse, insomnia and cognitive impairment just to name a few.

Here at Phoenix Martial Arts we practice two different forms of Tai Chi called Chen style and Emei water style.  Renshi Michael Bunton leads the class through the forms taking time to refresh new or newer students while also helping the class to understand the practical application of each move in the form.

Tai Chi is an internal style of martial arts that prefers to redirect force in order to maintain focus, balance and control.  This is why it’s great for all ages and abilities.

Our Tai Chi class is every Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30.  We’d love to see you in class so come dressed in some comfy clothes and leave feeling many of the great benefits!


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